Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Indoor AG Equipment on Equipped’s Enhanced Platform

August 10, 2023


Recent bankruptcies have sent ripples through the indoor farm landscape, impacting both new entrants and seasoned growers. The silver lining in these situations, however, lies in the flourishing pre-owned equipment market. With more equipment available due to these events, the market has learned a valuable lesson – keeping build costs low is pivotal to sustainable economics. In addition, pre-owned indoor farm equipment offers high performance and easy ready-to-buy access for growers.

Equipped, the largest online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned indoor farm equipment, upgraded their platform with a fresh design, updated capabilities, and seamless management for growers wanting to buy and sell pre-owned equipment. With the growing access to pre-owned equipment through Equipped coupled with their financing options, new entrants and current growers can better budget and increase sustainability, helping drive industry success forward.

Equipped User Dashboard
Equipped User Dashboard

Here are types of pre-owned equipment, tailored for a variety of indoor operations of all sizes you can sell and/or buy on Equipped:

Lighting, Container Farms, Grow Systems & Racking, Robotics & Automation, Water Management, Ancillary Equipment, Consumables, Control Systems, Greenhouse Structures, HVAC, Lab Equipment, Nursery & Propagation, Packing & Warehouse, Store, Restaurant & Home Systems, Whole Farms

Over the past couple of years, our most popular categories at Equipped have been robotics & automation equipment and lighting:

Robotics and Automation Equipment

Robotics and automation have become essential components for optimizing efficiency and productivity. Embracing pre-owned robotics and automation equipment can be advantageous for this pricier equipment type. By integrating automated planting, harvesting, nutrient delivery, and monitoring systems, growers can substantially reduce their dependency on manual labor.

Popular Robotics and Automation types: Automated Planting Systems, Automated Harvesting Systems, Automated Nutrient Delivery Systems, Automated Monitoring Systems

Possible Savings: 30% to 70% of the original retail price.

Robotics and Automation Equipment

LED Grow Lights

Precision lighting is paramount, and even though shopping lighting new is quite accessible, opting for pre-owned lighting can be a easy cost-effective choice while maintaining quality and the ability to shop in bulk or for a few. Advancements in technology have led to improved energy efficiency, customizable spectrums for optimal plant growth, better heat management, longer lifespans, and automation capabilities in pre-owned LED grow lights.

Popular lighting types: LED Grow Lights, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights,Fluorescent Lights, Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), Induction Lighting

Possible Savings: 30% to 50% of the original retail price.

Lighting Equipment

Getting your hands on the equipment you need or getting a return on the equipment you no longer need should always be this easy!

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