Contain Inc Unveils Vendor Showcases and Enhanced Insights Platform to Serve the Indoor Agriculture Industry

February 13, 2024


Contain, a fintech hub for indoor agriculture, today announced the launch of two projects designed to empower farmers and vendors. The introduction of Vendor Showcases and an upgraded Insights Platform marks a significant milestone in Contain’s mission to foster growth and innovation in indoor farming.

Introducing Vendor Showcases: A New Way to Discover and Compare Agricultural Equipment

Contain’s Vendor Showcases are a response to the community’s call for a more straightforward method to explore and compare the myriad of equipment options available in the indoor agriculture market. Contain’s partnerships spanning more than 70 established equipment vendors across categories like LED lighting, container farms, and advanced grow systems. Contain has developed a platform which discusses each vendor’s capabilities in detail. These showcases offer insights into the equipment and provide contact information for the vendors on social media, facilitating easier collaboration.

Moreover, the Vendor Showcases feature an integrated system so users directly contact vendors for inquiries.  For vendors, the platform offers a fast easy way to join Contain’s vendor network.  This innovative approach ensures that farmers have resources to make informed decisions about technologies that drive their operations.

Nicola Kerslake, CEO of Contain, commented: “Our vendor showcases were developed thanks to feedback from farmers, equipment vendors, and distributors alike. They told us that they would like an easier way to learn about equipment options. We listened, and hope that our solution not only meets but exceeds their expectations.”

Upgraded Insights Platform: Empowering Decision-Making with Enhanced Data

In addition to the Vendor Showcases, Contain is proud to announce a major upgrade to its Insights Platform. Recognizing the importance of accurate data for indoor farmers, especially when pitching to investors, Contain has expanded its data offerings. For over two years, the platform has provided invaluable free data on funding and media mentions within the CEA sector. Now, it includes daily pricing for stock indices, plus more detail on private funding and stock performance, an overview of the market’s dynamics.

Contain designed these enhancements to the Insights Platform to equip industry stakeholders with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the indoor agriculture market with confidence and clarity.

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