Buying & Selling Pre-Owned Indoor Agriculture Equipment

July 14, 2023


Buying and selling Indoor farm equipment can be a major obstacle for aspiring and established growers alike. However, the pre-owned market has arrived, offering a cost-effective and sustainable alternative.

In this briefing paper, we explore the benefits and considerations of buying and selling indoor farm equipment and a rundown of the market as a whole.

The advantages of buying pre-owned equipment include:

    • Cost savings

    • Reduced capital expenditure

    • Established performance record

    • Lower depreciation

    • Reduced financial risks

    • Sustainable choice

The high cost of new equipment can be one of the most prohibitive factors for those just starting out, and established growers looking to expand. Purchasing pre-owned equipment can save growers 50% or more compared to the cost of new equipment. However even then, funding resources are still extremely important in the pre-owned market.  Our survey found that 38% described funding as a reason why they would not purchase pre-owned equipment.

When it comes to buying pre-owned indoor agriculture equipment, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you're making a wise investment. One of the most critical factors is the condition of the equipment.

Buyers should carefully inspect the equipment information to understand signs of wear and tear, including any damage to the structure or components. Make sure any photos or videos provided or given of the equipment are clear and show various angles.

Another crucial factor to consider is the manufacturer and model of the equipment. Buyers should look for reputable manufacturers with a track record of producing high-quality equipment that is reliable and durable. Some will offer transferable warranties.

It's also important to consider compatibility with any existing equipment you may have, as this can affect the efficiency of your operation and potentially lead to costly upgrades or modifications.

Access to parts and support is essential because lack of access to spare parts or technical support can result into higher costs down the line and lost productivity, so it's essential to ensure these resources are readily available. This includes access to manuals and software updates, as well as the availability of qualified technicians who can provide maintenance and repair services, if needed.

Download the full briefing paper on Contain Insights for more on pre-owned equipment trends, popularity of equipment categories and details of our survey on attitudes to pre-owned farm equipment.

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