CEA fintech Contain Inc launches 2 white papers, reviewing CEA funding & stock market performance in 2022 & 2023

January 15, 2023

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Indoor ag fintech specialist Contain Inc launches two white papers, reviewing the CEA landscape in 2022 going into 2023 and the industry’s stock market review.

Amidst the optimism and overall upward growth of the industry, we have been tracking listed companies through our stock market index, and they have consistently underperformed the broader market index” — Contain Inc

RENO, NEVADA, USA, January 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- CEA fintech specialist Contain Inc. announced today the launch of two new white papers, “2022 in Review” and “Indoor Ag in the Stock Market.”

The “Indoor Ag in the Stock Market” white paper dives deeper into the rapid rise and leveling of the industry’s stocks. Analyzing and discussing how industry players are contending with investments, weighing private vs. public, and how each has paid off.

The “2022 in Review” white paper looks at the landscape of the industry, analyzes the $1bn invested in 2022, and how it is expected to evolve going forward from looking at data and hearing from industry insiders. 2022 brought to the forefront some difficult hurdles of the industry while also shining a light on opportunities and areas for growth and expansion within the industry.

“Heading into what appears to point to a recession in 2023, having a clear value proposition that the market identifies with is key to continuing to grow during a period of economic downturn. The market continues to see the value of turnkey solutions and is looking for a subject market expert that can provide a single point of contact for their growing needs.”

Contain vendors FSG and Verde Compacto interviewed and featured in the white paper, share how the CEA fintech industry is transforming, growing, and being challenged and in addition how they are adapting to the climate for continued success and growth in 2023 and going forward.

Both white papers are available on Contain’s Insights site within their data dashboard which also features a public stock index and a measure of the industry’s newsworthiness.

About Contain, Inc.
Contain is out to empower the indoor ag industry of tomorrow. Our first and key mission is bringing easier and faster financing to controlled environment agriculture, but we aren't stopping there. We create platforms to move the industry forward, and most importantly, find ways to make indoor ag more accessible to farmers like you. Our platforms include equipment leasing through Contain (contain.ag), pre-owned farm equipment sales and purchase through Equipped (equipped.farm) and microlearning for potential vertical farmers through Rooted (rooted.global).

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